Hi! Welcome to my cooking journal. A little about myself….my name is Tina. I was born and raised in Southern California where I was surround by yummy food! Where I live now, I am not able to find authentic anything. I did cook when I was in in California, but got more img_22a16552a251-1into it after the move. This is when my love for cooking venture began. I am a self taught cook. Made plenty of bad and good dishes (that’s how you learn right?) I love seeing people enjoy my dishes. Being Thai, I LOVE Thai food! My hubby is Vietnamese and I grew to LOVE Vietnamese food. We love all foods ❤ I also bake here and there. Probably more during the holidays. I am still learning and exploring both sides of the kitchen and wanted to share my journey with you with the help of my little sous chef cookingpup Belle 🙂 Sometimes I feel I am her Sous Chef 🙂  She is ALWAYS in the kitchen with me. It’s either she loves helping me, likes waiting for food to drop on the floor, thinks I need supervising & wants to make sure the food is to HER standards, wants to keep me company, or all of the above?!  She is so helpful 🙂 I would love for you to come along with us on our cooking venture and hope you enjoy our recipes.


 Hello ❤

Hi, my name is Belle, I love to be in the kitchen with my mommy. I wanted to let you know

After Bath Treat (www.basilsproutsdiaries.com)

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