CrockPot Beef Brisket Pho *Rich & Full of Flavor*

fullsizerender-9I can eat Pho for breakfast, lunch, snack 🙂 and dinner! So when I make Pho for my husband and I, I make A LOT! If we do have broth left over I just put it in a container or freezer bag and freeze them for next time 🙂

A lot of places make Pho with chicken bones which gives it a clear broth. And a lot of places put too much herbs in the broth that it is just over powering, and some places are opposite that has no flavor 🙂 I believe Beef Pho should be made with Beef Bones to give it the richness and deep flavors that Beef Pho should have and add a good amount of herbs in the broth so its not over powering but have a nice balance to the broth.

All of these meats are optional. In this recipe I have bought precut thinly sliced brisket (I saw at the store), sirloin beef I thinly sliced(it makes the beef easier to slice thin when it’s a little frozen), beef ball with tendon, and oxtail meat that fell off the bone in the crockpot (if you don’t want to add in the oxtail to the crockpot you can just add the beef bones and whole brisket). Instead of precut thinly sliced brisket you can use whole brisket (you will have to cook it with the oxtail and the beef bones in the crockpot) (then you will let it cool, slice them really thin and serve them with your noodles).



Here is the crockpot I use at home that you can find on amazon crockpot

My cooking infuser is similar to this one I found on amazon tea/cooking infuser but the one I have is round (pictured). I would prefer this one from amazon, because of the size and length it will be able to hold my cinnamon sticks.                             dsc00572dsc00573

VIDEO: If you would like to see a video on how I made pho you can find the link at the bottom of this page 🙂

Ingredients for Broth:

Fennel Seeds   1/2 teaspoonpho-herbs

Coriander Seeds   1/2 teaspoon

Cinnamon Sticks   2

Star Anise   4

Fresh Ginger   2-3   1/4 inch slices

Cloves   2-3

Onion   1/2 of a big onion or 1 small onionimg_3571

White Rock Sugar   3-4

Fish Sauce   1 1/2 cups

Water   12 cups

Oxtail   2-3 pieces  (depends on the size of your crockpot) (ox tail is optional but it adds richness and flavor to the broth)

Beef Bones   1-3 bones  (depends on the size of your crockpot)

Whole Brisket  1lb-1.5lbs  (optional) (cut big piece to fit into your crockpot) (I was at the asian market in my area and saw precut thinly sliced brisket so I bought it instead of whole brisket, (with whole brisket you will need to cook it in the crockpot with the oxtail and beef bones, once cooked you will let it cool and slice them really thin, but with the already thinly sliced brisket you will cook it later when you assemble your noodle bowl and put everything together)


Other Ingredients:

Sirloin Beef   about 2lbs   (thinly sliced)

precut brisket
sirloin beef

Precut thinly sliced Brisket   1lb  (optional)

Beef Balls with Tendon   1 package   (cut in half or in quarters)

Pho Noodles  (I prefer pad thai noodles because they are a little wider than the pho noodles) (I also cut the noodles to make them a little shorter before cooking them)(boil in water for about 3-4 minutes and rinse under cold water to cool the noodles)

Onion  1 small   (cut in half then sliced really thin)

Cilantro a bunch  (chopped)

Green Onions   4 stalks (chopped)



Thai Chili Peppers

Lime Wedges

Thai Basil

Bean Spouts

Vietnamese Fresh Herb (Ngo Gai)

Hoisin Sauce

Sriracha Chili Sauce


Lets Get Started On the Broth:

Heat a pan on low heat and toast the first 7 ingredients listed until fragrant and until the onion browns. (If you have a big onion just brown half, if you have 1 small onion cut it in half and brown both halves)


Place all the dry herbs and ginger in the tea/cooking infuser or a cheese cloth, and take the onion out of the pan.

Put the oxtail, beef bones, and whole brisket, tea infuser with the herbs and ginger, the toasted onion, and rock sugar into the crockpot.

Fill the crockpot to the top with water and add in the fish sauce. Close the crockpot and set it on low for 10 hours.

You can get the other ingredients and the garnish ingredients ready while the broth is cooking or have it ready beforehand. I guess it depends if you are cooking it overnight or in the morning (depending on your time).

After the 10 hours, take the oxtail out of the crockpot, and if you added brisket, take that out as well. Add more water to fill the crockpot. Do a taste test to see if you need to add more fish sauce or rock sugar. The oxtail meat should fall of the bone. Save the meat in a plastic container for later. Slice the brisket really thin, once it has cooled down and store it in a container.

Strain the broth into a big pot by placing a handheld strainer on top of the big pot and ladling the broth into the strainer that is laying on top of the big pot. This will make the broth nice and clean.

Place the pot of broth on the stove, add beef balls into the pot, put the heat on high and bring it to a rolling boil. (broth needs to be really hot so when you ladle it onto the thin cut beef it will cook)

Assemble your bowl:

Place noodles in bowl firstplace-green-onion-cilantro-sliced-onions-on-top

Thin layer of thin sliced beef and thin precut slice brisket (if bought)

Add some oxtail meat (optional)

Add the thinly sliced cooked brisket that you cookedgreen-onions-cilantro-sliced-onions-garnish

Add the thinly sliced onions, chopped green onions, chopped cilantro

Once the broth comes to a rolling boil, carefully spoon the broth over the noodles and the beef, this will cook the beef.

Then garnish with thai basil, the vietnamese fresh herb called ngo gai, been sprouts, lime, hoisin sauce, and sriracha as much or as little as you want.


Ready to enjoy!

You can find the video here CrockPot Pho Rich & Full of Flavor