Deep Fried Crispy Marinated Pork Riblets (Thai Style aka Kraduke Mhoo Tod)


kraduk-mhoo-tod-thumbnail-2VIDEO: To see a video on this recipe please go to the bottom of this page 🙂


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Tempura Flour

Pork Riblets

Spicy Garlic Cilantro Marinade Recipe

Oil (for frying)


Lets Get Started:

I defrosted the pork riblets the night before or you can take it out to defrost the morning of. If you are marinating the pork ruble’s and frying the in one day I suggest letting the riblets marinade for at least 2 hours ( of course the longer it marinades the tastier 🙂 )

I just pour some tempura flour over the pork ribs and coat them really well. (Note: I didn’t mix the tempura flour with any water because the liquid from the marinade will help the tempura flour stick to the meat).

Add some oil in a pot, enough to cover the pork riblets and heat it up on medium heat. (Note: To see if the oil is ready for frying just sprinkle a little of the tempura flour in the oil and if it starts sizzling then its ready).

Fry them up until golden brown & enjoy it with a bowl of jasmine rice, sticky rice, or by itself. My niece & hubby loved them & I hope you will to 🙂

Deep Fried Crispy Marinated Pork Riblets (Thai Style) Video