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CookingPup Belle

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Hi, I am a maltese and my name is Belle, I love to be in the kitchen with my mommy. I didn’t want to say anything but she needs a little supervision sometimes 🙂 so I have to be in there and watch her, test things, tastes things and make sure the food is YUMMYLICIOUS ❤ I am not a picky eater, I just LOVE to eat and know what I want 🙂 I love to go to the park and being outdoors and love my other job as a guard dog. I also love to sleep in until my mom says “breakfast” ❤ I love to lounge around most days. I don’t hate rabbits but love to chase them in my backyard and bark at them when I see them in my frontyard. Things I don’t like…baths, winter, snow, doggy doctor, wind and I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them right now.

I am a little picky when it comes to treats. My mommy makes me homemade treats sometimes, with my approval of course 🙂 But she also gets KaiKates filled with all natural made in USA treats and fun furbaby friendly toys delivered to my front door. I love the beastie bar, that is one of my favorite treat that I got from KaiKates. If your furbaby wants affordable boxes filled with yummy all natural treats and toys check out KaiKates. They have affordable dog subscription boxes under $20! You can customize your boxes and choose how often you want kaikates delivered to your door. These boxes are filled with all natural, made in USA treats and also filled with fun high quality toys. You can give it as a gift for a furbaby parent as well or spoil your own furbabies. If you want to order a box for your furbabies you can use my PomoCode: COOKINGPUP for 10%-13% off your order. Go check them out at KaiKates your furbabies will be happy ❤

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