Chorizo & Rosina Meatballs Spaghetti (Gluten Free)


This is a very easy and fast meal for the whole family to enjoy. It is very YUMMY and is gluten free. I made this dish while my niece stayed with us and she LOVED it! She went for seconds ❤ I recently found out that I have hypothyroid and I read that cutting out gluten might help me with my hypothyroidism. So, I have been cutting out some gluten and also some dairy from my diet a little at a time. The only dairy in this recipe is the freshly grated parmesan cheese. You can make this dairy free by not topping the pasta with the parmesan cheese.  Just because it is gluten free doesn’t mean it isn’t DELICIOUS 🙂 I hope you like this recipe! You can find the recipe here Chorizo & Rosina Meatballs Spaghetti (Gluten Free).