Deep Fried Crispy Marinated Pork Riblets (Thai Style aka Kraduke Mhoo Tod)


I had pre marinated pork riblets that I marinated with my Spicy Garlic Cilantro Marinade I made a few months ago that I had stored in the freezer. I decided to take them out and fry them up Thai Style & eat it with jasmine rice. I love pre marinading meats and storing them in the freezer so I can just take them out to defrost the night before or the morning of and it makes for a quick and easy meal. If you want to try this recipe out you can find it here Deep Fried Crispy Marinated Pork Riblets (Thai Style aka Kraduke Mhoo Tod). Enjoy it alone, with jasmine rice, or with sticky rice. I made this for my husband and niece when she stayed with us and they both loved it!! ❤



Spicy Garlic Cilantro Marinade


This is a throw everything in a blender marinade 🙂 Very simple and delicious! Great for pork chops, pork ribs, chicken, seafood etc.. Great for grilling or frying up in a pan and even great for cooking it in the oven. What I do is I marinade the meat and will only cook half of the meat and save the other half of marinaded meat in a zip lock bag and keep it in the freezer. I do this all the time with korean bbq and cha siu bbq pork. I always marinade them and freeze them so I have some ready when I want to cook them. When I know I want to cook them I just take it out of the freezer a night before and thaw it in the refridgerator overnight.

In this clip I marinaded some pork riblets with this marinade for a soup I made that day and saved extra in a freezer bag and stored it in the freezer. You can find the recipe and video on how I made this marinade here Spicy Garlic Cilantro Marinade. I also made Deep Fried Crispy Marinated Pork Riblets (Thai Style aka Kraduke Mhoo Tod) with this recipe. I hope you like it ❤